Map of the United States, Mexico and Central America, showing the City of Velasco, Texas


The original city of Velasco was founded in Brazoria County, Texas, in 1831. Velasco was destroyed by a hurricane in 1871, and the town was rebuilt in 1891. A multi-million dollar real estate promotion for the new city, focused especially on the new resort hotel, was accompanied by the map – a map which falsely claimed that Velasco is “the first and only deep-water port on the coast of Texas” and that the city was the “commercial hope of the Trans-Mississippi.” While the port was not actually deep-water, the entrance channel was deepened and the town grew to a population of around 3,000 after rail service linked it with Houston – only for the whole town to once again be wiped off the map by the Hurricane of 1900, which made a direct hit on Galveston and which remains the largest natural disaster in American history. Following WWII, the Velasco area will be developed into a true deep-water port by the Dow Chemical Company.

August Gast and his American Bank Note and Lithographing Company will publish many maps for the Texas General Land Office.

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