Le Nouveau Mexique


This map shows excellent detail for the time in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico, but a  badly misprojected Baja California, which is actually common of many French maps of the period. Missions & settlements shown in the Texas interior. Indian tribes shown. Locates New Orleans & La Salle’s 1665 location. Nice detail along Gulf Coast to east Florida.

Rigobert Bonne (1727-1794) was an influential French cartographer of the late-eighteenth century. Born in the Lorraine region of France, Bonne came to Paris to study and practice cartography. He was a skilled cartographer and hydrographer and succeeded Jacques Nicolas Bellin as Royal Hydrographer at the Depot de la Marine in 1773. He published many charts for the Depot, including some of those for the Atlas Maritime of 1762. In addition to his work at the Depot, he is  best known for his work on the maps of the Atlas Encyclopedique (1788) which he did with Nicholas Desmarest. He also made the maps for the Abbe Raynals’ famous Atlas de Toutes Les Parties Connues du Globe Terrestre (1780).

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